My Research Assessments have been a way for me to maintain progress within my field, whether it is based more on the development of background knowledge towards computer science or honing in on the practical applications.

12: Class Structures and Planning

11: CCleaner Analysis

10: User Experience Optimization

9: Hidden Conditions and Arrays vs. Lists

8: Memorization

7: Data Collection and Manipulation

6: String Manipulation and Hidden Conditions

5: Index Management

4: Prioritization and 2D Arrays

2: Programming Language Selection

1: Software Developer Career Outlook

I also have learned more about computer science in the real world by interviewing professionals that have jobs involved in the field. So far, I have interviewed a Sales Representative, CEO, Project Manager, Software Developer, and Database Manager, all involved in different computer-related companies. Here are my assessments of each interview:

1: Mr. Jon Paterson

2: Mr. Karim Naguib

3: Mr. Jason Dooley

4: Mr. Neil Liu

5: Mr. Chad Lancaster

My most recent and interactive form of research has been working with my mentor at his workplace. This way, I am able to observe how everything operates and I can get the input of a professional in my field. I have only done an assessment on one of my visits so far, but I have been on several.

Mentor Visit Assessment 1